Getting lost in the metaverse... 

"I am...from...the future"the girl whispered.

"Am I still at my home, Planet Solana?"
It's still a mystery why the girl has experienced this time disorder and been wrongly sent to 2022. As days go by, the girl accepted the reality & try hard to adapt into the 2022 metaverse, which look like a very primitive version of her home.

"there must be someone getting lost just. like me"

While living ordinarily on Solana chain, the girl believes she is destined to meet her crush some day, to share the same dream and save each other's soul.

That's the though of the girl, that's also the though of us. We all need a companion, ain't we?

Our Roadmap

250+ Traits generating a total supply of 6,888 unique & rare NFTs. The team will hold 1500 piece for marketing & development purpose.

WL & Public sale detail announcing soon!

Minting Begins

To Be Announced

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Price per Mint


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Our ultimate goal is to create virtual companions for everyone in the metaverse . While it may take some to get us there, we would like to gather a dreamer community in the physical word first. So that we can share our passion & vision about Web3, support each other to dream!

Phase 1 - The Launch
-Official Launching

-Pre-Metaverse Multi-Sensorial Experience (Suprises)
-Collab with reowned Artist& Creators
-Collab with commercial brands 
-Free NFT & Crypto workshops for all dreamers 

Phase 2- The Beginning
-Public minting is just the beginning 

-But first, let's PARTY!!! 
(Both Physical & Metaverse)
-A series of the NFT collection will be launched Dreamers will defintely be rewarded!

Phase 3- NFT evolvement
-A series of utility will be built to transform your NFT! Turning it to become much much more RARE ie. Value Inflation! (we didn't say it may even combine with another NFT to form a new one)

Phase 4- Into the Metaverse
-Dreamer community will vote for right metaverse as MCDC station 

-Buy land & build our exclusive dreamers only club house 
-Didn't it sound like a DAO? That's mean the coming roadmap will be decided by YOU, all dreamers!!!!!! 

Our Team

A bunch of Dreamers of turning every "MEs"  into "WE". #TogetherWeDeam !!!

Others dreamers in the squad:

Jelly - Community Manager
Gary - KOL & Partnership Manager
Look - Community Director
Carl - Financial Controller
Victor - Technical Consultant

Nostalgic Dreamer - Joe
Project Director
Dreamer- Ming Ha
Talented Illustrator 
Never Dreamer- Cherry
Art Director
Cheer Dreamer- Kelsey
Marketing Manager

Why metacrush Dreamers Club?

For First-timers
The best way to understand WTF NFTs are actually to own one. Why don't begin your journey with a hot & artsy one:)
For collectors
Bet you have enough pixels
For Investors 
We care about ART, yet we
would like to create value beyond ART. That's why the MCDC team is comprised of experienced marketers, engineers, art directors, community manager
For Flippers
Tho you are not our core target, we believe we have series of happenings & campaigns that would satisfy you 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I mint a MetaCrush?

Pre-Sale will be available for early supporters on Instagram and Discord, followed by public sale. Details to be updated.  

2. How do I purchase a MetaCrush?

MetaCrushes are able to purchase with authorised solana-based wallet, we suggest Phantom Wallet to mint.

3. How much will 1 MetaCrush NFT cost?

Each MetaCrush will cost 1.2 SOL in public sale.

4. What is the total supply?

The total supply of MetaCrush Dreamers club is 6,888. (~10% for marketing purposes)

5. Why MetaCrush NFTs?

Awesome arts and creations, metaverse virtual companions (virtual physical?!), cool team with creative ideas and make them happen! More amazing things are coming!